Re: Bypassing the interpolation

Hi Jeff,

I read about another guy trying to implement something similar and
Jonathan Corgan advised using the USRP2 due to the ability to send and
receive on time as well as having extra FPGA space to implement any mods
to the system. I am however lost as to where to begin. I suppose the
software route will be the easier path but lacking any examples or
pointers after searching through the net has brought me here.



I am working on a similar project to use a USRP 1 as a RADAR device for
a temperature measurement application. I am not sure about the USRP2,
but for USRP1 it is possible to send a signal from the FPGA to the DACs
without interpolation through manipulation of the FPGA registers and by
using custom verilog code. The most relevant example would be
usrp_radar_mono. I am not sure if there is similar code for the USRP2.


On 8/2/2010 10:59 AM, Cheaw Wen Guey wrote:

Cheaw Wen Guey
Research Officer

~Jeffrey L., K1VZX

~Jeffrey L., K1VZX

Cheaw Wen Guey
Research Officer

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