RE: button_to execute javascript function


I think you can use one of:

<%= link_to_function “Add Row”, “addRow()” %>

<%= tag “input”, { “type” => “button”, “value” => “Add Row”, “onclick”
=> “addRow()” } %>

<%= button_to “Add Row”, “javascript:addRow()” %>

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Ok, I know this has to be EXTREMELY simple, so please excuse the 


However, I want the button_to method to execute some external 

javascript function I have predefined called “addRow()” when the user
clicks the button.

I see all these examples of button_to .... :confirm => "Are you sure?", 

but that is the ONLY example I see for button_to html_options.

I attempted this button_to ....:onclick => "addRow()", but it appends 

this to the url ?onclick=addRow().

Anyone? Anyone?

Show me just how dumb I am this afternoon.
It won't hurt my feelings in the least.

Thanks in advance.