Re: BPSK receiver issue / message passing

Thanks for the reply. It seems to be an endian issue such that I can’t
simply shift bits but must use a proper framer.

I have modified an existing AX.25 block such that I can now see my
frames over the air using debug prints but I am having difficulty
getting my data out from gnuradio. The AX.25 block, from gr-ec,
creates frames through several iterations of the work() fn using a
state machine and also has a message queue output (but hasn’t actually
implemented the message passing). Once I have a verified frame, what
is the best way to get the data out?

I have tried this technique:

d_good_byte_cnt += frame_size-2; // don’t count CRC
gr_message_sptr msg = gr_make_message(0, 0, 0, d_good_byte_cnt);
memcpy(msg->msg(), frame_buf, d_good_byte_cnt);

and then connect to a message source, and then a file sink. However,
the memcpy seems to cause my flowgraph to crash. Any tips?