Re Bottleneck of GNURadio to handle wideband 802.11b signals

Hi Eric/Matt,

We are trying to build GNURadio based channel emulator/TX-Rx chain for
802.11b signals but the as you guys know USB is bottleneck right now to
process wideband sampled signals. Do you guys see anyway in future that
this bottleneck be removed and all the data sampled from wideband
sampled signals can be sent directly to Linux based PC for processing??
Even if all the sampled data be sent directly to PC, is it possible for
PC to implement both TX-Rx chains for 802.11 signals without being a
bottleneck. I understand that some part of computationally intensive
processing has to be offloaded to FPGA, but do you guys see in future
that all of the processing can be done on PC efficiently without using
FPGA. I would appreciate if you could clarify my understanding.