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Quoting “M. Edward (Ed) Borasky” [email protected]:

What I’d rather see a book on is dealing with concurrency in Ruby.
Dual-core and quad-core chips aren’t going away. :slight_smile: Francis? You’re our
resident expert, I think …

I’m fascinated by it as well and would certainly buy a book that goes
into more
detail. Data sets are growing so large. We are quickly going from
hundreds of
billions to tens of trillions of bytes locally… Processing massive
amounts of
data quickly will become more and more important soon. IPv4 to IPv6 for
example… the IP space is simply massive.

Effective concurrency reminds me of the encrypted messages that British
scientists were able to decrypt during WW2 that came from the German
machines. Being able to crack the messages was important, but just as
was the ability to do so quickly so the information would be timely and