Re: Basic interoperability question


Require ‘mscorlib’ is not as essential anymore. If you run ir -e “puts
System::String.class” it will wolrk just fine. I still use require
‘mscorlib’ in my scripts tlo signal to other programmers that this scrpt
will use .NET interop, but I don’t think it is needed.

I’ll let Tomas answer the second part, and clarify my answer if needed.


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As for #2: it doesn’t work yet. instance_methods currently only includes
Ruby methods and methods that were already called (are cached) but it
should indeed include names of all instance CLR members.



Should require ‘mscorlib’ not be needed though? Does the first reference
to “System” do this automatically? JRuby requires that you do “require
‘java’” to get at any Java classes, and I’m not what the benefit to
doing it implicitly is. IronPython also has the “import clr”
requirement, so what to people thing about the lack of a signal as to
whether a IronRuby script uses .NET types or not?

Tomas, can you elaborate on why this is technically not needed anymore?