Re: Are GLoc or Globalize a good fit for this

Hi. Before I answer this question I’ll let everybody know in advance
that 1) I’m actually the author of GLoc. 2) Although I’ve looked at
Globalize a few times I’ve never used it. My answer might be a little
biased but at least you know beforehand :slight_smile:
I think, the answer to your question depends on whether or not your
actual model data will be in different languages. If not then I
recommend GLoc because although it’s very easy to setup and maintain,
and also fast and flexible. However I remember that with Globalize you
can just put “translates :name, description” or something into your
model. GLoc doesn’t do that. (Although, FYI it will do it or maybe
something similar in the future, still haven’t decided what I want to
do and how I want to do it). Either way, both are good products. To be
honest, Globalize will probably be easier for you when you get stuck,
because it has a larger user base and there are more tutorials etc on
it. Good luck either way dude.


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