Re: Archive::Tar uncompress question

its name, instead of Archive::Tar::Wrapper or something like that,
I’m using it as a namespace in minitar
(Archive::Tar::Minitar), which just declares it as a module.
I can be a bit smarter about how I declare it, so it’s not a
huge deal; I was just surprised that the package name and the
namespace mismatched so wildly :wink:


Yeah, I didn’t want to take the package name ‘archive-tar’ because I
figured someone, some day, would write a version that would use a zlib
backend, i.e. a port of the Archive::Tar Perl module. So, I
intentionally named my package something else, but used Archive::Tar
internally because I figured no one would use an external wrapper and
a zlib wrapper - what would be the point?

To create even MORE confusion, it’s listed as just ‘tarsimple’ on the
RAA because of a goofy 15 character limit on project names there.

Anyway, if minitar uses a zlib backend (I haven’t looked in a long
while), then perhaps you ought to snag that project name for the RAA and
consider using that namespace instead. Obviously, that is strictly up
to you, but it might be more familiar to folks coming to Ruby from Perl
who are familiar with that package.



On 4/6/06, Berger, Daniel [email protected] wrote:

adopted from Perl, btw), although I highly doubt anyone would use
and a zlib wrapper - what would be the point?
Minitar is so named because it’s an incomplete implementation of the
tar format. It does have the ability to work against gzipped files.

There’s more functionality hopefully coming.