Re: Apache 2.2 As Proxy to Typo Running in Lighttpd

Thanks for the information, Bart. I got everything working, per your
instructions. Now, one last question, regarding SSL. My ISP block
port 80, but allows for port 443 (SSL). I can access typo just fine
when running against port 443; however, when I enter the admin
section of typo, ( I get redirected
to port 80 via (

Any suggestions on this?

Bart B. wrote:

I wrote this howto on how to use it and it works perfectly…

Seemed to me he was asking for the opposite–lighttpd on the front,
proxying to Apache only when necessary for the legacy applications.


Strange, the instructions should work for all urls and subdirectories…


On 4/11/06, Jeremy T. [email protected] wrote:

Bart B. wrote:


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