Re: [ANN] Ruby on Rails Searchable and AnnotatableDocs


“Today, I want everyone in the room to take a vow never to
say anything like that ever again. Do not tell people, or
tell yourself, or even think that there’s something
inherently wrong with pixel-based fonts. What there’s
something inherently wrong with is Internet Explorer for Windows”

Yes, that last line from Joe needs to be re-emphasized. It’s not so
much what units you choose to use to specify font-sizes in CSS – the
issue is MSIE. It makes accessibility an issue when using px and it
screws-up font re-sizing using em’s.

I would also submit that there is no right or wrong in this debate,
which I think was Joe’s ultimate point. The
what-font-size-unit-should-I-use is the web designer’s holy war
equivalent to the MySQL v. PosgreSQL debate. :slight_smile: