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This is great news…no more keeping my work (M$) laptop and home
(Linux) machines in sync for Rails development by copying files, just
use the live CD and a USB key! One question, is Postgres on the current


Postgres isn’t in there yet. I don’t really know anything about it so
it’s on my todo list under “soon”. If you’ve got a good write up on how
to install it, I’d love to put it in the next release.


As I use Postgres in my rails development and deployment and I really
want to use this LiveCD, how can I help to get it into the CD?

I can do the builds from the Postgres source, and the postgres drivers
as well.



On 22 Jun 2006 15:42:52 -0000, brian ketelsen

trial and error

username: rails
password: rails

what is the default username and password to enter the system?

Leon L. wrote:

trial and error

username: rails
password: rails

yes that is correct

and root / root for superuser.

this live cd is a work in progress.


Might I reccomend you also make this a Virtual Appliance.

Those Python guys already have a good one. Think we must have one
better. :wink:

On 6/29/06, sean lynch [email protected] wrote:

this live cd is a work in progress.


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