Re: [ANN] IronRuby 1.0 RC3

I’ll fix that. Sorry.

Great thanks!

I’m noticing that iirb is hanging indefinitely on OSX. Fixing the line
endings allows ir to work fine, but iirb just hangs. Killing it shows it
is in ReadInternal:

cory-foys-macbook-pro:bin foyc$ ./iirb
mscorlib:0:in ReadData': Thread was being aborted (System::Threading::ThreadAbortException) from mscorlib:0:inReadInternal’
from mscorlib:0:in Read' from /Users/foyc/Workspace/ironruby1.0rc3/bin/../lib/ruby/1.8/irb/input-method.rb:49:ingets’
gets' from /Users/foyc/Workspace/ironruby1.0rc3/bin/../lib/ruby/1.8/irb.rb:132:ineval_input’

I’ve waited 3-4 minutes before killing it, as I know the iirb is slow to
start up on my Windows box as it is.

It’s hanging on the call to $stdin.gets. That works fine from an ir
session on my Windows box, but on OSX, it allows me to enter two
characters and then returns:

cmd = $stdin.gets
=> “he”

puts cmd
=> nil