RE: Ambiguous clause error

From: Jasbur [email protected]

Subject: [Rails] Ambiguous clause error

    <% for number in @numbers do %>
  • <%= link_to, :controller => 'post', :action => 'show', :id => post %> Ending: <%= %>
  • <% end %>

there a more elegant way of doing this?

Based on your code snippet, you do not need any columns from the post
table in the query’s resultset. Just taking off the :include option
should do the trick.

Alternatively if that cannot be done, try using the
table_name.column_name notation. So using numbers.user_id should correct
the situation. Ie
@numbers = Number.find(:all,
:conditions => [ ‘(numbers.user_id) = :id’,
{:id => @session[‘user’].id}],
:include => :post)

Hope this helps,