Re: AGC and PGC

Dear Aadil and dear all,

Thank you for your answer.

I work on the opportunist access to UHF bands and I try to detect the
channels where a DVB-T (HDTV ?) signal is present (thanks to some
correlation methods). I then compare the power of the received signal in
the bands where I have detected a DVB-T signal. Nevertheless, I am
facing some issues with the signal dynamic range.

In fact, whatever the value of PGA, I get a signal with a very low
dynamic range (663 “states”). I guess this is due to the artefact at the
beginning of the received signal which has a very high amplitude (close
to 6000 - the maximal value reached by the “informative” signal is only
300). I would hence know is there is a way to reinitialise the AGC to
improve the dynamic range of the useful part of the signal (that I get
with the script

I realised that I don’t use the last version of GNU Radio (3.0.4
instead of 3.1.1). Maybe an update will fix this issue… If you know an
alternative solution, it would be welcome !

Thanks for your help,


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