Re: Advice on using define_method in ActiveRecord descendant

for attr in [ :gross_receipts, :number_of_owners,
:annual_employee_payroll, :uninsured_subcontractors_contract_cost,
:insured_subcontractors_contract_cost ] do
self.class_eval do
define_method("#{attr.to_s}=(new_value)") {
write_attribute(attr, new_value.to_s.gsub(/,/, ‘’))

You’re not defining the method quite correctly. You want the new_value
param to be an argument to the block.

class Foo
[:bar, :jim, :jam].each{ |method_name|
define_method( “#{method_name}=”){ |new_value|
puts "The new value for ‘#{method_name}’ is " + new_value.to_s

f = = 42
#=> The new value for ‘bar’ is 42

Also, there’s no reason to use #to_s inside string interpolation; it
happens automatically.


Thanks - worked like a charm. Unfort. there aren’t any readily
available examples of define_method where parameters are used. Makes
sense to me that these would be block parameters now though.

Again, thanks.

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