Re: [ADV] Second Edition of Agile Web Development with Rails

The 1.0 edition had a coupon code for money off a copy of the pick axe
Many of the other pragmatic books have similar discounts in them.

Their website also has many discounts.

And remember that those auto dealers offer cash back and incentives on
the not so hot models. When the Mazda miata and the new beetle first
came out dealers were charging huge mark ups, and customers were

During the height of the SUV craze, a new Ford Explorer cost Ford, on
average, a little over $18,000 US. They average sales price was a
little over $36,000 US. Some discount huh?

Pragmatic books are not too expensive, don’t begrudge them a little
profit. I don’t think they are gouging when you look at the market.

They are a great value.

I walked into my grocery store yesterday and picked up some milk. I
got the strangest look from the cashier when I asked him if I could
get a discount on the milk since I bought some last week.

Yes, grocery stores are starting to track purchases of shoppers to
give them discounts on items, but you must realize that they rarely
lose money on those deals and that they are purely to incentivize you
to buy more. The book is a product… just like the milk. If you don’t
like the price buy someone else’s book. I doubt it will “taste” as
good as this one.

Wow - there are some really weird anologies appearing in the thread :0)

At the end of the day, if the second edition contains a lot of extra
that you feel will be useful, you would be happy to buy the book again -
if not - why would you bother?

I only bought the first edition about 3 weeks ago but it’s already
helped me out more than any other programming book i’ve read. If the
2nd edition has a lot of useful stuff in it, i’ll probably get it.

However, i’m looking more forward to getting into Rails Recipes (when
the delivery time on amazon comes down a bit!) and the pickaxe.


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