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thanks, but I don’t think SSI can satisfy my need. Because I want the
RPS to be up to the limit of nginx it self.
My demand is easy and much like a http-push server:
1, I maintain 3 bitmaps
2, the clients request every 60 seconds
3, if the bit of the 3 bitmaps for this client is set, than forward to
the upstream, or just response 200.

Sincerely yours
ZHOU Xiaobo

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On 15.01.12 19:31, ZHOU Xiaobo wrote:

I am new to nginx module developing.
I want to implement a module to deal with this demand:

1, nginx receives a request from client
2, nginx sends two internal requests(http or protobuf etc.) to 2 backend servers
3, after the responses of the two internal requests received nginx makes the
response and sends to the client

I am not sure that whether nginx can do this.
Maybe SSI is what you want?

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