Re: a question about wx.App()

Thank u! Your explanation to me is rather explicit! I have found outthe
App() and downloaded wxWidgets 2.8.7, from which i checked out
theapp.cpp file, thank u! But I still have sth confusing me.

1, e.g. there is a method called detachmenubar in the
/src/gtk/frame.cpp, but i cannot find that method in,a
class method list for wxframe and vice versa (there is a methodcalled
oncreattoolbar in that list, but it is not in the frame.cppfile). I dont
know why!!

2, we also used the class wx.boxsizer, but there is no file called
boxsizer under wxWidgets 2.8.7. We cannot find that in wxWidgets, why is

3, now i can see the cpp file of app(), cause i downloaded wxWidgets
2.8.7, but i cannot find its source file under my system (Ubuntu 7.10
Gusty, ). The only one i could find in my laptop is wxPython
(there should be wxWidgets or sth like that since file
is running successfully).

4,there is also a problem causing my headache: OnInit is a method
ofclass stdapp(, i think it should be run somehow, but i
cannotsee how it is run! there is no object calling this method!

Ispent 48 hours digging for the answers of these kinda problems,
butstill could not find the answers, maybe i am too stupid… i am
verydepressed right now. Hopefully you could help me figure them out.
Thankyou very much!!!


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On Mar 25, 2008, at 1:13 AM, Bill S. wrote:

Oops! Could u tell me the location of file? I just found
out the file, but could not find the Thank you

I’m glad you caught my error … “_core” instead of “_code” :wink: and shuld be in the same directory (in your case, /
usr/lib/python2.5/sitepackages/wx-2.8-gtk2-unicode/wx ). The ‘so’ is
a shared library, created by wxPython, and is part of a SWIG interface
into wxWidgets (which is a C++ compiled library and includes).

On Mar 25, 2008, at 1:11 AM, Bill S. wrote:

Thank u for your reply!!! I have searched all of my compute, but
could not find out the wxWidgets! Could u tell me what its path is?
Where is it? I really want to look at the C++ code! Thank u!!!

In order to access those codes, you’ll need the original source
tarball, extract it, and find those files. Depending on your OS-type,
this can be done as part of the code install - or you might need to
download the tarball (e.g., from < Downloads - wxWidgets

), extract it, and then start searching around in it.

For example, if you’re running on MacOS X and using MacPorts, you can
find the original source via:

sudo port -f patch wxWidgets
pushd port dir wxWidgets/work/wxWidgets*

and then search around from there (e.g. “grep -inr ‘wx.App’ .”). I
would guess on most Linux’es, you’re better off just downloading the
original source tarball and working with it … just makes sure you
find the correct version of wxWidgets :wink: - MLD


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