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On Thursday 09 October 2008 19:47:10 Bill S. wrote:

Hello, everyone!

I am just running a demo program to realize communication between two usrps
using benchmark_rx and benchmark_py under the Python/digital dir. But when
I am trying to use dqpsk modulation scheme, the packets received are
totally wrong. What’s wrong with the programs? I am really confused. Could
anybody give me a hint or help me out? Thank you!!!


I had a problem with different oscillator frequencies on two boards, not
but enough for the digital pll in the receiving gnuradio block to lose

As a workaround, I used the programm as a receiver, and on
sending side just a carrier. This way, I could determine the frequency
between the two boards.


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Hello, Stefan

I am sorry but I cannot quite follow your instructions, could you please
give me more specific instructions on this problem? Is loosing tracking
related to my problem? What do you mean, using as a receiver
and sending side just a carrier? Thank you!