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c++ /java -vb-will get you work always

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Larz wrote:

On Jan 7, 1:52 pm, Tim G. wrote:

Larz wrote:

Perl is old and provided much of the
inspiration for Ruby.

In response to that, C and C++ are older than Perl and are always
going to be around and popular (and well used), as is Perl. Perl
provided the inspiration for PHP (being embedding Perl code in a

page, is how PHP came about). It is really hit and miss, some

might want you to know Ruby, or RoR, or C, or C++, or Java, or

or VB, or Python, or something completely different. I’m not

you’re suggesting “Perl is old, so it’s not popular” or something,
but I’ve seen people suggest that, which isn’t the case.

There are some perl modules around that maybe do some things ruby
doesn’t do, but Ruby is a dynamic language like Perl. C, C++ are
compiled and usefull for embedded dev and many other things …

There’s always many jobs in older technology for a long time until
fades away eventually the way of fortran etc. The efficiency factor
may be unsatisfactory …

At this point, most language debates come down to opinion and
assumption. I don’t believe that Perl is an old language that’s going
to fade away, while ruby becomes more popular. But, that’s just my
view/opinion. I wasn’t saying it because it’s more mature and has
existing modules that maybe don’t exist for Ruby or anything. I might
be wrong about how in demand Perl will or will not be, just like my
opinion abut ruby and other languages. Neither opinion will make it
more or less likely, so we’ll all have to see. Just remember, there
are plenty of new jobs in Perl, too (not just older code people are
hired to maintain).

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imhotep al-basiel wrote:

c++ /java -vb-will get you work always

Probably. This is true of a lot of languages, of course.

Anyway, ruby is popular right now and more people are getting interested
in it daily (different companies are as well), it it can’t hurt to
know, and more jobs will probably come up with the demand and use.

At the same time, if you don’t think you’ll be working in a field that
uses Ruby much, find what languages are used the most and make them the
priority. If you have interest in ruby anyway, use it when you have
time or if you enjoy it – it could turn into something else down the
line rthat’s more lucrative.

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