Re: A bug? FXRuby 1.4.6 segment fault when

uncutstone wu wrote:

FXRuby 1.4.6 works fine except I call

My enviroment is :
windows 98
cygwin version 2.427
ruby 1.8.1 (2003-12-25)

Can’t reproduce it with fxruby-1.4.6 on ruby-1.8.4, linux.
Maybe upgrading your ruby will give some useful information?

Dear Uncutstone,

I have Ruby 1.8.4 and the latest (last-week’s) edition of Cygwin
also FXRuby and FOX, on a Windows XP machine.
I had trouble using Windows/Cygwin and Ruby bindings-software
just some time ago. None of these problems was Ruby’s fault or the
fault of those Ruby-bindings-for-software-xyz. If you can’t fix them
rebaseall for the Windows DLLs, I’d suggest you

  • either upgrade to Windows XP/Cygwin (which may still cause you
    I get mad at cygwin once in 3 months),

  • you install a dual-boot with Linux (may be troublesome with respect to
    disk space),

  • you drop Windows altogether (may cause problems if you want to scan
    or do other multimedia things).

  • you keep your Windows and try compiling with MINGW ( . I have no experience with
    this, but
    people who know
    it claim that it gives more usable output than Cygwin compilations.

I had used Windows 98 earlier (I didn’t know about Ruby then, so I
didn’t use
it, but I remember that I had 3-5 crashes a day for no obvious reason.
This has stopped in Windows XP.

Best regards,


Very thanks for your advice.

I will upgrade my pc( you can’t imagine, it’s a AMD 350 one)in near
future, and stop using buggy windows 98.

recently , I have to endure it painfully . :slight_smile: