hey everyone i was looking for a documentation for my project when i
google it i found Rdoc but can not understand what exactly this Rdoc
does. can any one help me to know about Rdoc.

thanks in advance

RDoc[1] is a documentation generator, it’s both a markup[2] and a
parser. All you need to get started is the rdoc gem:

gem install rdoc

Then all you need to do is add some rdoc flavored comments to your
source code, and the ‘rdoc’ command from your source tree will
generate html pages for all your code.

There are plenty of other documentation generators for Ruby[3], find
one that works for you; I personally prefer rdoc and rocco, but you’ve
got lots of options.

1: http://rdoc.rubyforge.org/
2: http://rdoc.rubyforge.org/RDoc/Markup.html
3: Category: Documentation Generators - The Ruby Toolbox

gem server

thanks yeah it worked but i run this command “rake doc:app” and in in
folder i got the HTML pages. when i open those HTML files i can see my
code in a colorful format. this is what rdoc is for nothing more than