Rdoc questions and comments

My basic question is where is a good place to put these?

  1. Request: Can someone get the old rdoc repository on Source Forge to
    point to the new code on Git and the new web pages of the documentation,
    etc? Google still marks the Source Forge as the top hit.

  2. Suggestion: Somewhere in the documentation, add just a little snippet
    on how to create Pages. Its trivial to do (just point rdoc to a file
    and poof you have a page. But its hard to find that out. There is a
    stackexchange question so its not just me. I would add this to the page
    describing the markup language.

  3. Is this a bug? In said flat ascii file I’m using as a page, I can do
    = title sequences but I can not do :stopdoc: and :startdoc: sequences.
    Is that suppose to work? I have a use for it because the page is
    automatically generated and I’d like to put a message at the top that
    tells that to any future maintainer of the code (or… I’m so @#$% dumb,
    I’m likely to forget myself, start editing that page only to have my
    changes disappear…)

  4. Feature request: What is a “container”? It is usually the class or
    module but if you have Ruby code that is not within a container, I don’t
    see a way to document it. It would be nice if you could create a
    container or force documentation to be within an already existing
    container. I’m about 3/4ths convinced I’m missing something here. I
    thought you could get rdoc to document code snippets but between rdoc,
    doxygen, and jsdoc, I get all the features confused.

  5. Speaking of jsdoc, it would be super sweet if jsdoc and rdoc somehow
    knew about each other. I’m not sure how that would look. And probably
    it could be hand crafted but it seems most of my projects use both
    systems and currently I have two separate areas of documentation
    (perhaps shame on me).

  6. Last, a doc error: The first sentence under Simple Lists is:

    If a paragraph starts with a “*”, “-”, “.” or “.”,

The “.” needs a comma after it. Yea yea yea, I know it trivial
but with my bad eyes, I thought it was “”, and was leaving off
the dot.

Thank you for putting up with me,