Rdoc not working?

Hi guys.

My computer runs Windows 7.
I type “rdoc person.rb” in command prompt.
It returns “No newer files.”
A folder named ‘doc’ is created in the current directory, but it doesn’t
contain any file.

I type “rdoc person.rb” in command prompt again.
It says
"uh-oh! RDoc had a problem:

Directory doc already exists, but it looks like it isn’t an RDoc

Because RDoc doesn’t want to risk destroying any of your existing files,
you’ll need to specify a different output directory name (using the --op


run with --debug for full backtrace"

Help please!

Thank you.

I think I got it. I’m supposed to type “rdoc person.rb” at the exact
directory in which Person.rb is located. If it is located in
G:\Ruby\Practice> , then I should go there in command prompt and type
“rdoc person.rb” , like so…

G:\Ruby\Practice>rdoc person.rb

Correct? I guess that’s the meaning of ‘current directory’. Excuse the
ignorance. Newbie here.

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