Rdoc for Javadoc? :)

Hi all.

This seems to be the community where if it exists, someone would know.

I have a bunch of interfaces and classes in Java which have full
Javadoc, but which are used by many people via Ruby, so Javadoc is a
little jarring. It would be nice if I could spit out automatic
rdoc-formatted pages with all the name mangling present in JRuby. It
doesn’t have to use the real rdoc to generate the output, but the
appearance should be close enough to not be noticeable.

Has anyone seen a tool which does this sort of thing?

It seems like it would be possible by writing a fancy doclet, but it’s
been many years since I set foot in those parts, and duplication of
effort is worth avoiding anyway.

This seems to be vaguely tied in with JRUBY-2293, except that issue
appears to be talking about @JRubyMethod annotated methods, whereas in
my case, the entire API is plain old interfaces used via JSR-223 - I
just want a little bonus for the people who chose to use Ruby over any
of the other languages available.


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