Rdoc and ri under MacOSX - how to?

I’m a Ruby newbie under MacOSX 10.4.9. Ruby is working very well but
and I cannot find how and where to install the documentation in order
that rdoc and ri work. Yet from the Terminal I got the messages below.

Any clue? Thanks a lot.

$ rdoc “String”
File not found: String

$ ri String
No ri documentation found in:

Was rdoc run to create documentation?

Installing Documentation

‘ri’ uses a database of documentation built by the RDoc utility.

So, how do you install this documentation on your system? It depends on
how you installed Ruby.

If you installed Ruby from source files (that is, if it some point you
typed ‘make’ during the process :), you can install the RDoc
documentation yourself. Just go back to the place where you have your
Ruby source and type

make install-doc

You’ll probably need to do this as a superuser, as the documentation is
installed in the Ruby target tree (normally somewhere under

If you installed Ruby from a binary distribution (perhaps using a
one-click installer, or using some other packaging system), then the
team that produced the package probably forgot to package the
documentation as well. Contact them, and see if they can add it to the
next release.

On Jun 12, 2007, at 07:48 , medips wrote:

Alouette:/usr/local/lib/ruby $ ls
1.8 gems site_ruby

That is the location of the install, not the source tree you
installed from. From the location I can guess that you built this one
yourself and installed it. If you don’t still have the tarball or svn
checkout sitting around, get it again, unpack it if necessary, cd
into it, and run ‘sudo make install-doc’