RDoc and multiple attr_accessor's

Sorry, I have searched, and its a trivial question which I just can’t
work out how to markup.

If I have an attr_accessor with multiple symbols e.g.

attr_accessor :name, :id, :price, :img

how do I use RDoc correctly to document them? The documentation output
repeats any comments preceding the attr_accessor…



So I’ve had a browse over source code on google and can’t find an
example of what I was trying to do. Just in case there’s no response
since my question wasn’t clear I want to use rdoc and document my
attr_accessors similar too :

id:: an identifier

price:: total cost

attr_accessor :id, :price

I’d assumed rdoc would handle this similarly to documenting a methods
parameters, but instead the documentation comments are repeated for each

While I can, of course, use 1 line per symbol I find it hard to believe
that rdoc would force such a style…