RDoc and block indent in the constructor

Hi all,

I’m having some RDoc trouble. Specifically, I can’t get indented code
:call-seq: to maintain the block indent for the generated HTML.

The RDOC looks something like this:


use foo, options

# or

use foo,

:option1 => :arg1, […],

:option2 => :arg2, […],

:option3=> {:key => :val}

When I run rdoc over this, the ‘option1’, ‘option2’ and ‘option3’ end up
justified in the generated HTML. I’d like them to maintain their indent
in the
generated HTML (i.e. keep the same layout you see above).

Is this possible? I messed around a bit with some of the various list
notations, but couldn’t make it work (and I don’t really want list
there anyway).

Suggestions appreciated.



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