RDoc 2.4.3 - :call-seq: ignored?

I’m having some issues getting RDoc to work.

I installed it via the console:

C:\Users\Thomas>gem install rdoc
Successfully installed rdoc-2.4.3
1 gem installed
Installing ri documentation for rdoc-2.4.3…
Updating ri class cache with 2246 classes…
Installing RDoc documentation for rdoc-2.4.3…


I’m looking at the manual at http://rdoc.rubyforge.org/RDoc.html
And I can’t get my formatting to do all it says it’s suppose to do.


[labelled list title]

Hello World.

[lorem ipsum]

This is a test.

Added: 1.1.0


Dimension.new(array, width, height, obj = nil)

Dimension.new(width, height, obj = nil)

def initialize(*args)


The issue here are:

  1. Paragraphs doesn’t get spacing between them
  2. Labelled lists are ignored
  3. :call-seq: isn’t recognized. just prints ":call-seq:

When it builds I get no errors. Sample set of docs I’ve got it to
produce: RDoc Documentation
(note that this link isn’t directly related to the question. Just
showing that it builds.)