RDoc 2.4.3 - Document aliases and includes

I first tried the RDoc that came with Ruby 1.8.6. But I didn’t like the
four frame layout it produced. So I figured I’d try the latest RDoc.

What I’m having problems with is getting it to document an aliased

I got a class like this:

UTF-8 subclass of +String+

class UTF8 < String
# Rewire the String.length to be the UTF-8 string in bytes
alias :bytes :size # :doc:

# Return the number of UTF-8 characters.
def length
  return self.unpack('U*').length


I can’t get the :bytes alias to be included in the docs. No indication
of the aliased method at all. I’m not sure anymore, but didn’t the old
version do this?

Another thing, I included the methods of a module to a class I made. In
the old it’s merge these methods in the class - but in this new version
it doesn’t. ON the left hand side it does list a module under the
Included modules, but it refers to a completely different module. (Bug?)

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