Rdoc 2.4.1 Released


rdoc version 2.4.1 has been released!

RDoc is an application that produces documentation for one or more
Ruby source files. RDoc includes the +rdoc+ and +ri+ tools for
generating and displaying online documentation.

At this point in time, RDoc 2.x is a work in progress and may incur
further API changes beyond what has been made to RDoc 1.0.1. Command-
line tools are largely unaffected, but internal APIs may shift rapidly.

See RDoc for a description of RDoc’s markup and basic use.


2.4.1 / 2009-02-26

  • 1 Minor Enhancements

    • Added :attr:, :attr_reader:, :attr_writer:, :attr_accessor:
      Replaces --accessor. See RDoc::Parser::Ruby for details.
  • 3 Bug Fixes

    • Don’t complain when exiting normally. Bug by Matt N…
    • Restore --inline-source that warns
    • Fixed links to files in Darkfish output