RDBI 0.9.0 (release candidate) is out for testing

RDBI is yet-another database access library, currently in release
candidate. It aims to provide a consistent interface to many lower
level databases. At least initially, it intends to provide a
compelling replacement to Ruby/DBI, of which current maintainers are
fed up with. :slight_smile:

http://rdbi.hollensbe.org for documentation and more information about
the library.

This release candidate is released as 0.9.0 and patch levels will be
incremented as we approach 1.0, which will be the final initial
release of RDBI.

RDBI is released as several parts as gems on rubygems.org:

* methlab is a method toolkit library.
* typelib is a filter chaining system intended to assist with type
* epoxy is a database agnostic binding layer.
* rdbi is the core component.
* rdbi-dbrc is a configuration layer.
* rdbi-driver-postgresql is a PostgreSQL driver.
* rdbi-driver-mysql is a MySQL driver.
* rdbi-driver-sqlite3 is a SQLite3 driver.
* rdbi-result-driver-json is a result driver (see docs) that
  yields json directly from results. YAML, Struct, and Array
  result drivers come included with RDBI's core.

Please feel free to reply to this message with any questions or


Erik H. [email protected]