== Abstract
RCtool is a small tool which makes/updates rcfiles automatically.

There is a rcfile in software each.
For example, it is .zshrc in zsh, .emacs in Emacs and so on.

Please think about the scene which introduces a new EmacsLisp program
into Emacs.
You copy a .el file in the directory which is in load-path.
You have to write setting in .emacs last.

I think that update of .emacs is easy if you introduce it once.
However, please imagine a scene upgrading an EmacsLisp program.
When the EmacsLisp code is largely modified, and setting did not have
compatibility either, a user must modify .emacs by hand one by one.
Changing .emacs by hand is boring and error-prone; changing .emacs
automatically without any notification is extremely rude.

RCtool takes over this troublesome work.
RCtool does the following work separately.

  • RCtool makes the rcfiles based in contents of “the definition script”,
    and modified one part of rcfiles in a backup directory.
  • RCtool shows the difference between the original and the modified if
    you need it.
  • RCtool overwrites with rcfiles last.

A user understands which part changed clearly.

A developer modifies the definition script and can offer appropriate
rcfiles to a user.

It is available at

== What’s new

=== [2005/11/15] 1.1.0 released
New methodology to incorporate RCtool.

=== Download / Untar
Please execute the following commands.

ruby -ropen-uri -e
| tar xzvf -

When you failed, please download it from the next link.


=== Installation
Execute setup.rb to install RCtool.
ruby setup.rb

=== How to Incorporate RCtool
Since version 1.1.0, RCtool uses new methodology to incorporate into
your system.

It is assumed the following situation.

  • There is a definition script called `foo-rctool.rb’.
  • `bin/’ is a directory to put executables.

mkrctool generates an integrated script.

mkrctool foo-rctool.rb > bin/foo-rctool

Of course if you modify foo-rctool.rb', you must update bin/foo-rctool’.
Make or ((<Rake|URL:http://rake.rubyforge.org/>)) takes over such a
cumbersome task.