RCov update


A couple of things about RCov and jruby 1.1.4

If you use ruby-debug you also need to update to 0.10.2 of ruby-debug or
will get a failure in loading test_help when you run rcov on your rails

The fork made of rcov over on git has been pulled back into spicycode’s
version of RCov. The relevance guys (and others) have done a bunch of
refactoring of rcov and have been fixing some reporting issues and other
bugs. I believe their plan is to talk to the rubyforge rcov guy and get
merged in there, but I’m not sure on the timeframe on that.

I’ve been using RCov with 1.1.4 on my project’s build for a week now
issue. Having said that… If anyone out there tries to use it and has
issues. PLEASE let me know. And we will work to get it resolved J