RC1 Challenge Winners

We would like to publicly congratulate the winners of the Jackbox RC1
Challenge. Their efforts and merits are certainly worthy of
recognition. We would not be were we are without the help of people
like these.

The winner of the RC1 Challenge Part 1 is:

Tim W. of Cupertino, CA who won with his contribution of a
simplified Ruby implementation of the TCP/IP protocol suite loosely
based on the Fox Net implementation by the CMU Fox Group optimized with
inline C. His work is greatly appreciated and he received a $500 dollar

The winner of the RC1 Challenge Part 2 is:

Greg Landis of San Jose, CA who found exactly two (2) issues with the
RC1 implementation of Jackbox.
His work is also greatly appreciated and he is the recipient of a $300
dollar prize

Please check us out at: http://jackbox.us

Thanks so much to all who participated, and see you all next time.