RC routing error that was not in Beta4

In beta4 I could do this:

resources :sections do
get :new, :on=>:member

But not with RC

If I change “new” to be something else, I can do that

So it seems that “new” is now treated like a reserved word of sorts?

I really need to share the new method between “sections/new” and
“sections/1/new” because my structure is a tree, so it makes sense to

Anyone know anything about this?


Really hoping this is a bug not a new policy

I can see why “new” might want to be a reserved word in some way

But in this case, I really do need rails to map the “new” path so it
allows creating sub member items



is so much cleaner compared to


Is there a way I can lodge a ticket?

Is rails talk not the best spot to ask questions these days?

On 2 August 2010 08:44, [email protected] [email protected]

Is rails talk not the best spot to ask questions these days?

You post what is a quite obscure edge question on a Sunday afternoon,
and get stressed that it’s not answered by Monday morning?

Looking at your question, it might be better placed on the
rails-core forum, as that’s where the core development issues are
dealt with - and they’ll point you at how to log a ticket if that’s
the best course of action for you.

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