Rbenv to RVM command equivalencies


I need a sort of translation dictionary for rbenv to RVM commands.

I am working on some learning tracks and projects on Treehouse for RoR
development and their tutorial calls for using rbenv. I already have RVM
installed for the Skillshare class, Rails in 30 Days. I received some
help on this forum in getting my permissions straightened away in RVM,
I don’t want to just uninstall it to install rbenv. I don’t have any
problem with rbenv. I would just like to keep RVM since it’s now
properly and it worked great on my previous project.

I have searched for RVM and rbenv equivalent commands, and have struck
on stuff that would help me understand when Treehouse says “this for
you do this for RVM”. Any ideas how I get that help?

My thanks to anyone who can help!