I’m getting a bad path string from RbConfig::CONFIG[“prefix”].
I am running 32-bit JRuby 1.7.3 on Win7 x64.

Here is what I’m getting, feeding a simple .rb file to jruby from the
command line:

puts RbConfig::CONFIG[“prefix”]
=> c:\Programs\jruby-1.7.3

The backslashes are familiar to windows users, but shouldn’t be in the
paths stored RbConfig (as I understand it).

This contrasts with other path-containing properties, for example:

puts RbConfig::CONFIG[“libdir”]
=> c:/Programs/jruby-1.7.3/lib

Here, the path has forward slashes as expected.

I ran across this because it causes problems with Rake, which at a
certain point pulls in paths from several CONFIG properties, and the
regex processing complains about that path with the backslashes (it is
the first one in the Rake-constructed list).

As best I can tell, JRuby doesn’t have a stand-alone rbconfig.rb file;
it handles this internally. Google-searching only got me as far as
JRuby’s GitHub site, where the file
src/org/jruby/ext/rbconfig/RbConfigLibrary.java appears to set a
“prefix” property with a call to runtime.getJRubyHome().

I’ve reproduced this on two Win7 machines. On both, I downloaded JRuby
from jruby.org and installed. Is this issue peculiar to me, somehow, or
a bug? Either way, any advice on rectifying the problem?

Thank you in advance,

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