Rb-readline 0.5.1 released

rb-readline version 0.5.1 has been released!

= Description

The readline library provides a pure Ruby implementation of the GNU
readline C library, as well as the Readline extension that ships as part
of the standard library.

= Synopsis

require ‘readline’

loop do
line = Readline::readline(’> ')
break if line.nil? || line == ‘quit’
puts “You typed: #{line}”

= Compatibility

rb-readline should work on all Unix-like systems and Windows. It is
used with MRI 1.8/1.9 and Rubinius. JRuby is not supported and there are
plans to support it in the future - it comes bundled with a Java
of Readline.

= Motivation

First, building the GNU readline library on MS Windows with Visual C++
almost impossible. However, certain libraries depend on readline. By
a pure Ruby version we eliminate the entire compiler compatibility

Second, even on distributions of Windows built with MinGW (that include
the readline library for Windows), the behavior was sometimes erratic
would break.

= Installation

gem install rb-readline


gem update rb-readline

When previous version was installed

= Changes

=== 0.5.1 / 2014-01-08

  • Bugfixes:

    • Fix double require issues. Fixes #93, #95 [yui-knk]
    • Use Fiddle to remove deprecation warning of DL. Fixes #90, #87
  • Internal:

    • Bundler-friendly repository (gemspec and Gemfile) to ease usage
      and development.

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