Hi ,

we know that rb_funcall , is used to call some Ruby Methods from the C
code ,
actualy , This is what I tried , but in my case , it doesnt seem to work

my case is , that I should call a Ruby Method from a Ruby Class that
inherite from another Class.

with a Simple Ruby Class

class MyClass {
def initialize()
puts “bla bla bla”

rb_funcall3(rb_const_get(rb_cObject, rb_intern(“MyClass”)),
rb_intern(“new”), 0, 0); // Works Good !!

But If I have

class MyClass < AnotherClass

def intialize ()
puts “alb alb alb”

the rb_funcall Stucks !!
ruby: allocator undefined for MyClass (TypeError)

Can SomeOne Help ??

Thx :wink:

Oups … It’s Ok !!
I was Just inheritin’ from The Thread Class and I forgot To initialize
the SuperClass … So ./Clear

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