Rawr 0.3.1 Released

Rawr 0.3.1 has been released.

Rawr gives you a packaging and deployment system for your JRuby
application. Rawr can package your app into an executable jar and
provides you integration with existing Java IDE’s.


What’s super, cool, and awesome in this release:

  • You can make a .app file
  • You can make a .exe file
  • Sneak peak of web start generation
  • Doing ‘rawr install’ in a directory with a rake file gives the user
    some choices on how to handle the installation.
  • Specs in Rawr!: jrake test:unit
  • Files now close properly
  • Backtrace on generated Main.java is now escaped out correctly
  • Better defaults in generated build_configuration.yaml (including
    lib/java for the classpath!)

Get rockin’ with JRuby + Rawr (and don’t forget Monkeybars for super GUI

James B.

http://www.rubyaz.org - Hacking in the Desert
http://www.jamesbritt.com - Playing with Better Toys

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