RAutomation 0.5.1 Released


New version of RAutomation just got released!

RAutomation is a small and easy to use library for helping out to
automate windows and their controls
for automated testing.


=== All adapters

  • added Window.windows, #windows, #buttons and #text_fields methods to
    retrieve collection of elements and use them with Enumerable/Array

=== WinFFI adapter

  • added Window#child method for searching child windows and popups
  • added initial support for Radio, Checkbox, SelectList and Table

=== AutoIt adapter

  • allow to search windows by PID

You can install it with:
gem install rautomation

Read more information from the README [1] or check out the source code

[1] https://github.com/jarmo/RAutomation/blob/master/README.rdoc
[2] GitHub - jarmo/RAutomation: RAutomation

Jarmo P.