Rational resampler question


I’m trying to convert a flowgraph from grc to c++. In grc there is a
rational resampler block and a rational resampler base block. I could
not find a c++ version of the rational resampler block. Does a c++
version exist? I don’t much about either but I tried to use the rational
resampler base block in both the grc flow graph and my c++ code and I
could not get it to work in either. What’s the difference between the


The rational resampler is part of BLKS2 which is python only. I’m
currently working on porting blks2 over to C++ so the API will not be
python only, but there is a lot of python code it is built on that
needs to be converted first so it could be a bit. You could just do it
yourself, all the rational resampler block does is make it easier for
you, http://www.dspguru.com/dsp/faqs/multirate/resampling , this is a
good starting point if you need, or you could look at the code for the
rational resampler and follow it.

Also the resampler base block, I believe is used by the python block
and cannot be used by itself.

So I suppose if I do the same thing it would work right?

Only one way to find out, try it.