Rant 0.5.0

Rant is a flexible build tool written entirely in Ruby,
similar to Rake.

== What’s new in this release?

  • The --dry-run (-n) option for rant.
  • Action takes a regular expression now. When rant looks for a
    Â task/file that matches the regular expression, the action block will
    Â get executed once.

For more details read http://make.rubyforge.org/files/NEWS.html

== Installing Rant

You can install Rant as a RubyGem:

  % gem install --remote rant

or download the package from
and install with install.rb:

  % ruby install.rb

== Dry-Run demonstration

Example Rantfile:

 import “command”

 task :install => “foo” do
   sys.install “foo”, “/usr/local/bin”, :mode => 0755

 gen Command, “foo”, “foo.c”, “cc -o $(>) $(<)”

Running Rant in dry-run mode:

 % rant -n
 Executing “foo”
   cc -o foo foo.c
 Executing “install”
  - Ruby Proc at Rantfile:3

== Survey about “Rantfile.rb”

Since the previous release (0.4.8), Rant doesn’t recognize
the filenames “Rantfile.rb” and “rantfile.rb” as default
Rantfiles anymore. If you want them back, tell me now! If a
reasonable number of users wants to use “Rantfile.rb”/“rantfile.rb”,
I will reintroduce those filenames (or one of them).
Alternatives are “Rantfile”, “rantfile” or “root.rant”.

Please reply to my private address or join the Rant mailing list.

== Resources

Homepage:: http://make.ruby-co.de
Rubyforge page:: http://rubyforge.org/projects/make/
Mailing list:: http://rubyforge.org/mailman/listinfo/make-cafe
Repository:: http://developer.berlios.de/svn/?group_id=5046
Rake/Rant comparison::