Random Question Generator

I am trying to make my own exam simulator, similar to GRE or SAT. I
think I know how to create the pool of questions and answers, but I am
not sure how to create the buttons, how to store the responses and
produce a score at the end, install a timer, etc. I’m a real newbie so
I’m looking for advice as to the best place to begin. I have already
learned the basics using Peter C.'s Beginng Ruby book.

Thanks for any help.

Thanks Kyle! I’ll play around with it. If and when I get to the final
product, I’ll probably post the relevant portions as open source.
Assuming I get to that level.

Perhaps the first thing is, forget about doing a graphical user
interface until you’ve got the basics down.

Now, that said, how much have you played around with irb? At this
stage, you’ll probably want to just play around with how to store the
questions, the right answer(s), and what you answered. The best way
to play with your data will be in irb.

Try this maybe:
Make a series of hashes that can store the question, one answer and
what you responded.
Write a method to check the answer.
Try making a hash containing several questions.
Write a method to check the % of correctly answered questions in the
Play with it for a few hours.
Make a class that can store the question, one answer, and what you
Add in methods that check the your response vs the correct one.

And post here if you get stuck :slight_smile:
Try and not ask for significantly sized examples, because many (most?
myself included…) people here would gladly try write their own quick
solution to the problem, and then you wouldn’t learn much from the
exercise :slight_smile: