Random | in join statement with more than one :include

I have an ActiveRecord class that has several has_many,belongs_to,
habtm, and the new has_many => :through relationships.

Whenever I try a

find(:all, :conditions => “some conds”, :include [:relationship])

it works fine, but if I have

find(:all, :conditions => “some conds”, :include [:relationship,

it gets a sql error such as

Mysql::Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual
that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to
use near …

I’ll paste the actual output below, but what I’ve found is that there is
a stray pipe character ( | ) near the LEFT OUTER JOIN statements. I
have no idea why its there, but if I remove it and paste the result into
the mysql command line, the query succeeds. Does anyone know what is
going on here? Is this a bug? Thanks for the help. Here’s the whole
error. I know its really long, but just search for the | and you’ll see
what I mean. Thanks again.


ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid (Mysql::Error: You have an error in your
SQL synt ax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL
server version for the right syntax to use near ‘OUTER JOIN
mechanisms ON mechanisms.id = grants.mechanism_i d WHERE ( (
title LI’ at line 1: SELECT grants.id AS t0_r0, grants.brown_gra nt_identifier AS t0_r1, grants.account AS t0_r2,
grants.grant_type_id AS t0 _r3, grants.mechanism_id AS
t0_r4, grants.sponsor_agency_id AS t0_r5, grants
.award_year_indicator_id AS t0_r6, grants.grant_home_id AS t0_r7,
grants.sp onsor AS t0_r8, grants.fund_source AS t0_r9,
grants.department_name AS t0_r 10,
grants.start_date_overall AS t0_r11, grants.end_date_overall AS
t0_r12, grants.start_date_current AS t0_r13,
grants.end_date_current AS t0_r14, gran ts.total_amount AS
t0_r15, grants.direct_amount AS t0_r16, grants.indirect_ amount AS t0_r17, grants.total_amount_cfy AS t0_r18,
grants.direct_amount_cf y AS t0_r19,
grants.indirect_amount_cfy AS t0_r20, grants.title AS t0_r21,
grants.abstract AS t0_r22, grants.created_at AS t0_r23,
grants.created_on AS t0_r24, grants.updated_at AS t0_r25,
grants.updated_on AS t0_r26, grants. lock_version AS
t0_r27, grants.created_by AS t0_r28, grants.updated_by AS
t0_r29, sponsor_agencies.id AS t1_r0, sponsor_agencies.name AS
t1_r1, sponso r_agencies.address AS t1_r2,
sponsor_agencies.phone AS t1_r3, sponsor_agenci
es.contact_name AS t1_r4, sponsor_agencies.created_at AS t1_r5,
sponsor_agen cies.created_on AS t1_r6,
sponsor_agencies.updated_at AS t1_r7, sponsor_agen
cies.updated_on AS t1_r8, sponsor_agencies.lock_version AS t1_r9,
sponsor_ag encies.created_by AS t1_r10,
sponsor_agencies.updated_by AS t1_r11, mechanis ms.id AS
t2_r0, mechanisms.name AS t2_r1, mechanisms.description AS t2_r2,
mechanisms.created_at AS t2_r3, mechanisms.created_on AS t2_r4,
mechanisms. updated_at AS t2_r5, mechanisms.updated_on AS
t2_r6, mechanisms.lock_versio n AS t2_r7,
mechanisms.created_by AS t2_r8, mechanisms.updated_by AS t2_r9
FROM grants LEFT OUTER JOIN sponsor_agencies ON sponsor_agencies.id =
grants.sp onsor_agency_id | LEFT OUTER JOIN mechanisms ON
mechanisms.id = grants.mechanism _id WHERE ( ( title LIKE
‘%rasoulpour%’ OR abstract LIKE ‘%rasoulpour%’ OR
department_name LIKE ‘%rasoulpour%’ OR fund_source LIKE ‘%rasoulpour%’
) ) )

If no one else has seen this, can anyone imagine how I may have done
this to myself?

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