Ramaze version 0.1.3

This time we are proud to announce Version 0.1.3 of the Ramaze
framework, a
light and modular open source web framework.

Since the last release some polishing and improvements have been made,
it seems
like Ramaze is now mostly feature-complete.

An extensive set of specs is covering almost every detail of the
and usage. It is developed by several people and already in
production-use at
some companies.

Home page: http://ramaze.rubyforge.org
IRC: #ramaze on irc.freenode.net

Short summary of changes from 0.1.2 to 0.1.3:

  • Better error handling

  • Many bugs fixed

  • Some speedup

  • Lots of docs added

  • Smoother sourcereload

  • New Wiki example

  • jQuery

A complete Changelog is available at

Known issues:

  • Haml: either use Haml version 1.5.2 or require ActionPack.


  • Builds on top of the recently released Rack library, which provides
    easy use
    of adapters like Mongrel, WEBrick, CGI or FCGI.

  • Supports a wide range of templating-engines like:
    Amrita2, Erubis, Haml, Liquid, Markaby, Remarkably and its own
    called Ezamar.

  • Highly modular structure, you can just use the parts you like. This
    means that it’s very simple to add your own customizations.

  • A variety of helpers is already available, giving you things like
    caching, OpenID-authentication or aspect-oriented programming for

  • It is possible to use the ORM you like, be it ActiveRecord, Og,
    Kansas or
    something more simplistic like a wrapper around YAML::Store.

  • Good documentation: although we don’t have 100% (dcov says around
    documentation right now, just about every part of Ramaze is
    covered with
    basic and advanced docs.
    There are a variety of examples and a tutorial available.

  • Friendly community: lastly, but still quite important, there are
    people from
    all over the world using Ramaze, so you can get almost instant
    help and

For more information please come to http://ramaze.rubyforge.org or ask
on IRC (irc://irc.freenode.net/#ramaze)

Thank you,
Michael ‘manveru’ Fellinger and the Ramaze community