Ramaze Version 0.1.2

This time we are proud to announce Version 0.1.2 of the Ramaze
framework, an
open source web framework with the aim to be light and modular.

Since the 0.1.0 release we have made a lot of progress and the overall
API has
mostly settled down. An extensive set of tests is covering almost every
of the implementation and usage.

It is developed by by several people and already in production-use at

Homepage: http://ramaze.rubyforge.org
IRC: #ramaze on irc.freenode.net

New Features in Version 0.1.2:

  • Restructuring of Ramaze internals, featuring a cleaner overall

  • Add Ramaze::Record to easily record requests fitting particular

  • Support for the Remarkably templating engine.

  • Adapted for Rack 0.2

  • Easier caching.

  • replacing autoreload with a general SourceReload class.

  • Reviewed and largely improved tutorial and tested examples.

  • Even less patches to the Ruby core, mostly for compatibility with the
    upcoming Ruby 1.9 and tested with older versions down to 1.8.2.

  • Largely improved Spec-framework for any kind of web-application.

  • Through some benchmarking and refactoring the overall speed has
    around the factor 2-3.

A complete Changelog is available at


  • Builds on top of the recently released Rack library, which provides
    easy use
    of adapters like Mongrel, WEBrick, CGI or FCGI.

  • Supports a wide range of templating-engines like:
    Amrita2, Erubis, HAML, Liquid, Markaby, Remarkably and its own
    called Ezamar.

  • Highly modular structure, you can just use the parts you like. This
    means that it’s very simple to add your own customizations.

  • A variety of helpers is already available, giving you things like
    caching, OpenID-authentication or aspect-oriented programming for

  • It is possible to use the ORM you like, be it ActiveRecord, Og,
    Kansas or
    something more simplistic like a wrapper around YAML::Store.

  • Good documentation: although we don’t have 100% documentation right
    just about every part of Ramaze is covered with basic and advanced
    There are a variety of examples and a tutorial available.

  • Friendly community: lastly, but still quite important, there are
    people from
    all over the world using Ramaze, so you can get almost instant
    help and

For more information please come to http://ramaze.rubyforge.org or ask
on IRC (irc://irc.freenode.net/#ramaze)

Thank you,
Michael ‘manveru’ Fellinger and the Ramaze community


This time we are proud to announce Version 0.1.2 of the Ramaze
framework, an open source web framework with the aim to be light
and modular.

way to go! Greatly appriciated. The new SourceReload in this
version is really much better, taking next to none CPU.


PS: Favourite Ramaze feature of the day:

Using Ramaze::Dispatcher::Action::FILTER to implement arbitrary
filters which get run on the response (like Localization).