Ramaze 2009.07

The Ramaze development team is happy to announce version 2009.07 of
Ramaze, the
light and modular open source web framework that tries to stay out of
your way.

This release contains mostly bug fixes and compatibility improvements,
but also a new
LRU cache and support for the Less templating engine.

Also, thanks to the work of Jeremy E., Scaffolding Extensions works
with the
current version of Ramaze again, giving you a powerful and simple way to
provide CRUD and admin interfaces for Sequel and ActiveRecord.

I also would like to take this opportunity to ask for volunteers that
running on Windows, we are currently working on a major overhaul of the
executable and would like to make sure it behaves correctly.
If you are interested, check out the modular-bin branch and report any
on the bug tracker or hang out on IRC.

== Metadata

Home page: http://ramaze.net
Wiki: http://wiki.ramaze.net

Repository: GitHub - manveru/ramaze: This repository moved to http://github.com/Ramaze/ramaze
Bug tracker: Issues · manveru/ramaze · GitHub

Git clone: git://github.com/manveru/ramaze
Current tarball: http://github.com/manveru/ramaze/tarball/master

IRC: #ramaze on irc.freenode.net

Simple example:

require ‘ramaze’

class MainController < Ramaze::Controller
def index
‘Hello, World!’


== Summarized changes with their respective commits

  • Aaron Müller

    • Update identity helper with new link helper
  • Masahiro Nakagawa

    • Rewrite localization example
  • Michael F. (manveru)

    • Adding support for the less CSS templating engine
    • Adding LRU cache
    • Fixing problems in paginate
    • Better defaults for proto specs
    • The Helper::Cache#cache_value optionally takes a block now
    • Make sure proto/config.ru points to correct location
    • Fix annoying behaviour when ‘/’ location is assigned to an app
      earlier, apps loaded afterwards would overwrite the mapping. This
      some very annoying and hard to debug behaviour.
    • Fix bacon task dependency
    • Fix Controller to work properly on Ruby 1.8.6
    • Fix bug when using localmemcache on Ruby 1.9
    • Fix the misc/css example
    • Remove Helper::Cache#cache method
    • Use absolute paths for requires in all ramaze specs, $LOAD_PATH in
      1.9.2 will not include ‘.’
    • Remove ContentLength middleware from :live and :dev modes. Rack
      use it already.
    • Refactor contrib/addressable_route, it now uses instance variables
      and can
      take a mapping on initialize.

A complete Changelog is available at

== Known issues

  • When running on Ruby 1.9.x, Rack 1.0.0 has problems with the encoding,
    it is
    recommended to use master HEAD from GitHub - rack/rack: A modular Ruby web server interface. until
    next release of Rack.
  • When running on Ruby 1.9.2dev (ruby trunk), using the thin handler can
    to memory leaks. The cause is yet unknown, please use Ruby 1.9.1 or
    handler (mongrel, webrick, and fcgi are known to work well)

== Ramaze Features

  • Builds on top of the Rack library, which provides easy use of adapters
    Mongrel, WEBrick, LiteSpeed, Thin, CGI, SCGI, or FCGI.

  • Supports a wide range of templating-engines like: ERB, Erubis, Haml,
    Liquid, Maruku, Redcloth, Remarkably, Sass, Tagz, Tenjin. And its own
    called Etanni, Ezamar, Gestalt, and Nagoro.

  • Highly modular structure: you can just use the parts you like. This
    means that it’s very simple to add your own customizations.

  • A variety of helpers is already available, giving you things like
    caching, OpenID-authentication or aspect-oriented programming for your

  • It is possible to use the ORM you like, be it Sequel, DataMapper,
    ActiveRecord, Og, Kansas or something more simplistic like M4DBI.

  • Good documentation: although we don’t have 100% documentation right
    now (dcov
    says around 75%), just about every part of Ramaze is covered with
    basic and
    advanced docs. There are a variety of examples, screencasts and a

  • Friendly community: there are people from all over the world using
    Ramaze, so
    you can get plenty of help and information around the clock.

For more information please come to http://ramaze.net or ask directly on

Thank you, Michael ‘manveru’ Fellinger and the Ramaze community