Ramaze 0.1.0

This is a one-time post to announce the creation of the Ramaze project,
an open
source web framework with the aim to be light and modular.
Ramaze is already relatively stable and we decided that it is time to
give it
broader exposure to find new users and contributors.

Home page: http://ramaze.rubyforge.org
IRC: #ramaze on irc.freenode.net


  • Builds on top of the recently released Rack library, which provides
    easy use
    of adapters like Mongrel, WEBrick, CGI or FCGI.

  • Supports a wide range of templating-engines like:
    Amrita2, Erubis, HAML, Liquid, Markaby and its own engine called

  • Highly modular structure, you can just use the parts you like. This
    means that it’s very simple to add your own customizations.

  • A variety of helpers is already available, giving you things like
    caching, OpenID-authentication or aspect-oriented programming for

  • It is possible to use the ORM you like, be it ActiveRecord, Og,
    Kansas or
    something more simplistic like a wrapper around YAML::Store.

  • Good documentation: although we don’t have 100% documentation right
    just about every part of Ramaze is covered with basic and advanced
    There are a variety of examples and a tutorial available.

  • Friendly community: lastly, but still quite important, there are
    people from
    all over the world using Ramaze, so you can get almost instant
    help and

Features planned:

  • Unified FormHelper for ORMs, making the framework mostly independent
    of the
    underlying model.

  • Improved configuration system, providing an way to totally change
    during runtime and link that with the CLI-parameter automatically.

For more information please come to http://ramaze.rubyforge.org or ask
on IRC (irc://irc.freenode.net/#ramaze)

Thank you,
Michael ‘manveru’ Fellinger and the Ramaze community

Pretty cool. You might want to also say that one needs og and sqlite3 to
the examples… I like it.

On 5/12/07, Roland M. [email protected] wrote:

Pretty cool. You might want to also say that one needs og and sqlite3 to run
the examples… I like it.

Yes, that is true for the examples like the Blog - which we just
received from an user some days ago, the simpler examples however work
without :slight_smile: - Ramaze itself doesn’t offer or require an ORM, so you are
free to use whatever you like.

Thank you very much for taking the time and trying it, Ramaze has been
in development for around 8 months now without much exposure, so it’s
good to see that our efforts might also be useful for other people.

^ manveru


Pretty cool.

yeap, that it is indeed. I have been following it since its
infancy and am right now the only one using it on 3 commercial
products already (one contact page, one task management/stock
keeping/scheduling/billing app, one invoice system).

You might want to also say that one needs og and sqlite3 to run the
examples… I like it.

Glad you like it. :slight_smile: Michael responds very fast to any kind
of comments and helps wherever he can, Ramaze is just a ‘breeze’
to use and boooy does the spring feel good!

My favourite Ramaze feature of the day:
Global.logger = LogHub.new(Analogger, Growl), to get
notified of ‘autoloaded’ files instantly without having
to check the console. [1][2]


[1] http://analogger.swiftcore.org/
[2] http://growl.info/

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